Education Corner

Education Videos for Volunteers & Members

March 14, 2023

Whether you are new to RNU, awaiting training as a volunteer, or a seasoned member looking for a refresher on a particular labour relations concept, myRNU has a variety of educational tools and videos available for you.

New Member?

If you are new to RNU or just looking to learn more about what we do check out New Member Info where you’ll find our Member Handbook. This handbook has the basic information every member should know about who we are, how we are governed, and how we can help you. Once you get a handle on the basics, the following resources can help expand your knowledge.

Professional Practice Process

The professional practice process is your tool to report and address concerns that impact your ability to practice according to your standards of practice, code of ethics, and any other relevant policies and guidelines. You can find resources like a professional practice FAQ and our Professional Practice Toolkit on myRNU here.

You can also watch Kyle Vardy, RNU Labour Relations Officer, talk through the collective agreement language and full process with volunteers on myRNU here.

Dispute Resolution

Dispute Resolution is the process outlined in the Collective Agreement that members must follow when faced with a potential grievance. There are important timelines associated with this process so if you believe you are facing a situation which requires the dispute resolution process contact your local shop steward or branch executive and consult the resources that follow. Visit here to access the grievance form. Follow RNU’s David Hammond as he walks through the Dispute Resolution and Grievance process in the video resources on myRNU.

Intro to Dispute Resolution and Grievances, The 3 Types of Grievances, and Dispute Resolution Timelines and Process videos are available on myRNU.

Preparing for Tomorrow – Understanding the Public Service Pension Plan (PSPP)

This was one of many educational sessions held at RNU’s convention last fall.

Whether you are a graduate nurse or seasoned RN, it’s not too early to know more about your pension plan. This session was facilitated by Chuck Bruce, Chief Executive Officer of Provident 10, and will increase your understanding of your rights and obligations within the plan, its coverage, exclusions, and limitations.

A link to the recording can be found on myRNU here.

New Continuing Competency Program (CRNNL)

‘Tis the season for license renewal. By now you’ll know that there is an updated process in which to log your continuing education hours. Michelle Carpenter from the College of Registered Nurses of NL facilitated the following education session on the new CCP process at Convention. The CRNNL has additional resources on its website regarding the new process.

Watch the recording on myRNU here.

Mighty Mighty Nurses Panel

Learn how nurses across the country and USA, are standing up and taking action for their profession and patient care. The panel includes nursing leaders, including Mary Turner, president of the Minnesota Nurses Union, who led the largest private-sector nurses strike in U.S. history last fall.

Visit myRNU for educational videos on labour relations concepts, convention highlights and more.