RNU in Action

Hung Out to Dry Campaign

December 20, 2023

On June 28, RNU unveiled a new campaign, Hung Out to Dry, on the grounds of Confederation Building while RNU was at the bargaining table. Using classic Newfoundland and Labrador clothesline imagery to illustrate how RNs and NPs are being “hung out to dry,” this mini campaign was timely launched to put pressure on government to negotiate a fair collective agreement for our members.

“RNs and NPs are invaluable to the province’s health care system, and it must be recognized,” explained Yvette Coffey, RNU President during the campaign’s activation in June. “Our members are leaving this profession every day. If things don’t improve and without a focus on retention efforts, we will continue to hemorrhage nurses. The system will not survive if we continue to lose these vital health care professionals – something that RNU has been saying for years! RNs and NPs can’t keep waiting for things to get better.”

The Hung Out to Dry campaign activation was successful. On July 1, after months of negotiations and pulling all-nighters, a tentative collective agreement was reached. This was a result of RNU refusing to settle for less, while consistently pushing our messaging of value and sacrifice.

Over 80% of RNs and NPs voted in favour of this contract. On August 4, RNU signed the 4-year contract, which recognizes the tremendous value our members bring to the health care system. Dubbed as a retention and stabilization contract, there is still much work to be done by RNU to address violence in the workplace, mandated overtime, and nursing vacancies. RNU is committed to working with employers and government to continue advocating for better working conditions for our members.

The Hung Out to Dry campaign is ongoing. RNU members and residents can take part in this campaign by wearing a clothespin in solidarity with the RNs and NPs of the province. Members are encouraged to hang their uniforms on clotheslines and share pictures on their social media accounts using the hashtag #HungOutToDryNL. Campaign branded clothespins have been sent to RNU members to wear on their lapel or uniform.

Click here to visit the campaign website.