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It’s Never Too Early to Think About Your Financial Future

March 25, 2022

Contributed by Provident10

As a member of RNU, you have an option that will make your future more secure for the long-term. By becoming a full-time worker, including full-time seasonal work, you can become a member of the Public Service Pension Plan (PSPP) with Provident10.

Provident10 is the administrator of the PSPP and oversees the investment management of the Plan. As such, their team keeps your retirement at the heart of everything they do.

Being a member with a defined benefit pension plan means you’re eligible to enjoy your pension benefits from the time you retire for the rest of your life — without having to worry if your benefits will run out or be terminated. It also means your pension is determined by a formula of years of service in the Plan and average salary obtained while a member.

Getting to know the Plan

  • A predictable, lifetime pension. Upon retirement, Plan members are entitled to receive a predictable, lifetime pension income so you can enjoy yourself throughout your retirement.
  • New workplace? No problem. Your pension can go with you by transferring service to other eligible pension plans of a new employer.
  • Options to enhance your pension. You have the option to purchase past service including, authorized leaves of absence, prior service in the Plan and periods of pensionable service with a prior employer.
  • Potential of early retirement. There are options to an early retirement should you choose to enjoy it before 65.
  • Protection even during uncertainty. Life can be unpredictable, but your pension isn’t. In the event of a life changing disability, you are protected and may be eligible to receive your pension benefit.
  • Family comes first. Provident10 believes this just as much as you, which is why your family is protected by receiving survivor benefits if you were to die before or after retirement.

Your Pension Experts

For more details on the Plan visit and speak with your employer about how you can become a member.