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Labour Relations: Urgent vs. Non-Urgent Matters

March 14, 2023

Need Help? 

RNU continues to experience a high volume of inquiries from members facing challenges in the workplace.

Our Labour Relations Team works hard to meet our three business-day response policy. We have recently added more Labour Relations resources which you can read about here.

If you need to contact Provincial Office, please email or call 1- 800-563-5100 or 709-753- 9961.

We prioritize time-sensitive and urgent matters. We encourage members with non-urgent matters to take the following steps before reaching out to Union Office.

  • Contact local Branch Representatives or Shop Stewards for advice and support.
  • Check for relevant resources on myRNU and the discussion forum.
  • Follow the Dispute Resolution Process. This process outlines the steps to take if you experience a workplace issue.

  • If you have a question about a professional practice concern, we strongly encourage to engage in the professional practice process and refer to the Professional Practice Tool Kit. Please note that RNU does not have access to professional practice forms. There are many different forms in circulation as they vary by region and worksite.

Please follow up with RNU if further support is needed.

RNU is committed to our members and providing advice and support in a timely manner. We also look forward to resuming our normal volunteer education schedule this year so we can ensure our volunteers have the knowledge, skills and support they need to fulfill their roles.