RNU in Action

More Than An RN, Less Than Enough Campaign

April 11, 2022

RNU launched an awareness campaign, More than an RN, Less than Enough, last year. The goal of the campaign was to raise awareness of the unfair and unrealistic expectations RNs and NPs must navigate at work, all while sacrificing so much of themselves in the process. The campaign sought to gain public support and political action to improve working conditions.

The campaign was featured on billboards and bus shelters, as well as television, social media, and digital ads.  The campaign was a pointed and purposeful call to action, highlighting the reality of the urgent crisis for RNs, NPs, and patient care.

Our research shows the public responded positively to the ads and felt they were believable, powerful, and unique. The ads were attention-grabbing and helped create awareness of the nursing and health care crisis in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Most importantly, the campaign applied pressure on government to acknowledge that serious action is needed to improve working conditions, and to take action on initiatives to address recruitment and retention.

Research also shows the campaign resonated with RNs and NPs. Eight in ten members felt their experiences as a registered nurse or nurse practitioner were reflected in the ads.

During the 12 weeks the campaign ran on social media (six weeks in the spring and six weeks in the fall), we captured 7,851 social engagements, such as likes, comments or shares.

There were 17,086 visits to the morethanrn.ca campaign website and 589,000 completed video views. This means our ad was watched, the message was heard, and people were engaged.

We also ran two editorial articles in The Telegram to promote the campaign, which included images, statistics and quotes to support the message. The spring article, Registered nurses speak on challenges they face, the impact on patient care and solutions need to help, received over 61,000 views, and the fall article, No work-life balance sees hundreds of RN vacancies, retirements planned over next few years, received over 100,000 views.

A new video for More than an RN, Less than Enough has just been released. The campaign website remains live and some ads continue to be featured on billboards and bus shelters.  RNU is committed to telling your stories and keeping the pressure on. As we prepare for bargaining, we are evaluating what direction to take next with a media campaign.