Education Corner


March 14, 2023

Provincial nursing guidelines to support the adoption and use of self-scheduling were released in November.

Some units have used self-scheduling for many years as a mechanism to provide more flexibility and control over work schedules. These guidelines, which are an outcome of the Think Tank, are designed to support a consistent approach and expand the use of self-scheduling across the province.

“We have been doing self-scheduling in the ICU in Grand-Falls Windsor for more than 15 years,” said RN Morely Colbourne, Branch 9.  “It has always worked well and certainly helps with morale and work/life balance. There are a number of other units that have also started it here and have had success.”

RNU encourages members to review the guidelines with your co-workers. If you are interested in trying self-scheduling, please discuss this with your manager.

There are 13 guiding principles that the employer and staff must acknowledge when they enter a self-scheduling arrangement. This includes principles such as:

  • Fifty (50) per cent plus one of permanent and temporary staff must agree to a self-scheduling model.
  • A unit-specific self-scheduling committee, comprised of frontline staff members and a unit manager (or designate), must be established to provide oversight. Self-scheduling committees act as a resource to staff and assist, listen to concerns and problems as identified by peers and problem solve to resolve issues, and keep the manager (or designate) informed of any issues that arise during the process.
  • Self-scheduling work schedules are to be posted within two weeks in advance of start date.
  • As a staff member, you are responsible for submitting your schedule by the posted deadline and ensuring the number of scheduled hours per work schedule are correct as per your letter of employment.
  • Managers are required to approve leave requests, and review and approve the completed schedule prior to posting.

To read the full Provincial Nursing Self-Scheduling Guiding Principles, please click here.

If you have any questions or experience difficulty implementing the guidelines, our staff are here to help. Please email