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Transitioning to Digital: RNU’s In Touch Newsletter

March 25, 2022

Communication services provide a critical function for RNU. Informed and empowered members are fundamental to our success as a union.

RNU is committed to strengthening our member connection and keeping RNs and NPs informed about our activities through various communication practices and tools.

Since the ’90s, our In Touch newsletter has connected members with education, news, and updates from their union.

This year RNU’s In Touch newsletter was redesigned to meet the needs of members in an increasingly digital and data-driven world.

We are pleased to introduce RNU’s new In Touch digital newsletter!

The transition from a printed newsletter to a digital publication is a move 84 per cent of our members support. A great feature of going digital is the ability to release more timely and relevant articles on the top issues affecting RNU and its members. With printing and distribution eliminated, we’re able to save time and costs while reducing our carbon footprint.

RNU’s goal has been to distribute two In Touch newsletter annually, and we will continue to do so as we move into the digital sphere. We hope the move to digital will allow RNU members to feel more connected to their union, while having easier access and more flexibility to read our news and information. If you have feedback or ideas for In Touch, please email Digital Communications Coordinator Jennifer Brown at jbrown@rnunl.ca.

Now that RNU’s In Touch newsletter has gone digital, we hope you’ll connect with us and share articles with friends and colleagues. Be sure to connect with RNU on our other social platforms on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

Our internal website and app, myRNU, remains our go-to communication tool for breaking news, member updates and forum discussions. Get the myRNU App today on your mobile device to stay up to date your union!